Our restructures can be considered in two parts – Top Models and Lower Models.

Broadly, Top Models produce Capital tax savings and Lower Models produce Revenue tax savings. This may seem simple enough, but it is the specialist knowledge of the Direct Business Management team, and our continued research of the ever changing financial infrastructures that actually improve and enhance your existing strategy.

Most of our clients are introduced to us by our existing clients or have attended one of our many seminars held throughout the year.

We don’t just assess, advise and then expect you to get on with it! There will be a number of introduction meetings when we can gauge your needs. Once you have become a customer we will meet with you throughout the year to ensure we are prepared ahead of the game for the financial year-end, ensuring that your tax-planning requirements are met.

If you like what we are saying the best is yet to come; as the benefits outlined and the savings achieved as a result of our restructure, enable it to be a completely self-financing activity.

This is a win win for both of us!

We offer a free one hour consultation to discuss your business needs – as we find this provides the necessary ‘peace of mind’ to potential applicant companies.

If you are interested please contact us

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