Business Solutions for Business Owners

Are your current accountants or solicitors
reactive or proactive?

Do they merely respond to your queries or do they come to you with new ideas? The main reason business owners attend our tax and creative business ideas seminars is because their existing advisors are reactive and are paid by activity rather than results.


Latest Videos

Business Motoring
Are you paying more tax and NI contributions in connection with your business motoring than you need?
Selling a Business
You have decided that a sale is your exit route. Selling a business will significant goodwill.
Format of Trade
Why should you consider a review?
Car Finance Tax Strategy
How can you make your overall car finance package more attractive to your customers?
Exit Routes
Strategies to minimise tax on sale or gift.
Team Motivation
Employee rewards and incentives & lower TAX/NIC costs for Business Owners.
Tax and NIC Planning
How to manage the risk in case something should go wrong.
Risk Management
The importance of minimizing trading risks.